Princess dream! Seven points of beautiful wedding dress

Many girls want to realize their princess dream in the wedding day, putting on beautiful dreamy wedding gown, and holding Mr. Right's hand, turning new pages together. Pronovias latest 2013 glamour series is a good one to interpret the luxurious elegance, extremely princess temperament of wedding dress, here Carrie concludes seven key elements to help you get inspiration of wedding dress with ease !


Points 1: lace, gauze are necessary

Gentle gauze is the first choice of fabric of princess cheap wedding dress for sale, with its soft texture outstanding beautiful feeling. Application of lace features female temperament, increases levels feeling of the dresses. No need to use lace in large areas, it is better to adorn floral ornament designs, otherwise, it will give people slightly plump figure impression.


Point 2: outstanding feminine curve

To show beautiful feminine curve, especially waist curve, so princess wedding dresses are mostly trumpet/mermaid, A-line silhouette, the design of the bodice part is simple, draw the outline of exquisite figure curve, plump breast and slender waist, matching with cascading skirt. 


Point 3: asymmetrical collar design

In fact this is also a method to increase aesthetic feminine feeling, with lace outlining neckline, light gauze over it, creating beautiful asymmetrical collar feeling.


Point 4: illusion 1/2 sleeves

Thin yarn sleeves is one perfect design of princess cheap wedding dress for sale. Light yarn made 1/2 sleeves, adornment with or crystal, can have the shiny style , elegant but not exaggeration.


Point 5: soft fabrics

Only soft texture can highlight pure, soft, beautiful feelings. So the fabric is usually soft chiffon.  Hang-down feeling is super well, pleats is beautiful. Try to not use satin fabric, because of heavy weight feelings, suitable for luxuriant, mature aesthetic feeling.



Point 6: color should be pure, unitive

Because of beautiful romance, the choice of colour is white or light pink, and no more than two colors appearing in wedding dress. For the pure white color, can using the crystal to adorn waist brings color change.


Point 7: etherial skirt

This is a big characteristic manifest princess temperament in a wedding gown, cascading down skirt brings etherial, soft and free feeling. There is no hard bones, so having princess feeling when walking. This skirt is basically layered out by the inside fabric with multi-layers. And if have to use bones then choose high-quality, flexible fish bones, otherwise inside skeleton structure seen from outside  clearly, it will be really disgusting.

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