Looking ahead 2013 wedding dress popular trend

The bride dressing in wedding dress is the most beautiful moment in woman's life, vintage, romantic, noble, sexy or hot expression.
When lace as popular elements of wedding dress has an unstoppable momentum., maybe you are hesitate to follow the trend or not. Well, inspiration of 2013 Douglas Hannant wedding dress can be a good reference, using lace to make mask for bride, faint and hazy beauty features out elegant charming!

From the stereo effect printing to Louis Vuitton and Blumarine stereo flower adornment, it seems that fashion is also affected by the 3 D effect. Nowadays, in Justin Alexander2013 cheap wedding dress for sale series, designer largely use three-dimensional pleats, ruffles, although adornment is complex, but still keep fluent curve charm. Style is graceful and restrained atmosphere, diffuse ripe feminine, and for those bride whose some parts of body are fat, Justin Alexander's three-dimensional drape can better flare figure, framed the bride's charm.

Oscar DE la Renta never lacks of originality, in 2013, the wedding dress series brings us a lot of surprises! I wonder if there is a reference to the inspiration of the chanel spring/summer custom-made intentions, this season's Oscar DE la Renta gown also give priority with blue color, whether as a cloud mist etherial blue gauze, or pure and fresh ,bright and beautiful blue silk satin, show the bride outstanding aesthetic taste. After putting on it, the bride brings a stream of cool breeze in wedding ceremony, softly touching your heart, pure and fresh and natural.

Always being the focus in the bride's eyes, Vera Wang eyes , is not disappointing, with the passion of fire, red gown series at 2013 New York wedding dress fashion week drawn all the people's attention. So exaggerated color, not only expressed the love to the Chinese style, also proved "happiness can be witnessed by red except white." similarly, red gown is also the symbol of lovers. In this work, red, dark red, brown red color conveyed brides' noble temperament perfectly. Drape, lace and three-dimensional elements such as flowers, also make marriage happiness show. For those brides love showing off, how can they refuse these outstanding wedding dress!

For 2013 Monique Lhuillier cheap wedding dresses for sale show, every audience has the biggest feeling that is although no flowers and birds, but enough to make you in the garden! Elegant unsurpassed wedding dresses, from the bud to blooming blossom, from the abstract big flowers, to the cascade of small petals, Monique Lhuillier lets every girl having the moment of most beautiful fairy!

The plump breasts sculpture, fine waist clipping, as sexy leading role of 2013 wedding dress show, Mark Zunino exhibited bride's curve, also graceful charm. With sweetheart neckline as priority, new series of wedding dresses are ball gown and mermaid/column, about the choice of fabric, smooth, bright ivory silk and soft, elegant gauze also become two different styles of representative. For brides, whether lively princess or sexy mermaid, are all worthy of challenge!

As many actresses' favorite brand, Marchesa wedding dress becomes a famous global brand in less than ten years, the reason is-" I know women ". In this 2013 wedding dress series, Marchesa uses lace as a adornment about the classic princess Kate lace gown, after the marvel quiet returns hazy beauty, thin gauze, stars-like sequins, partly hidden and partly visible embroidery covering veil. All the beautiful bride magically change into the tale. Perhaps you are surprised why so contracted wedding dress having no ornament jewelry? However, it is natural temperament becomes many brides' sweetheart.

Attracted by the royal family and celebrity, Pronovias 2013 wedding dress works are still popular, the brand expresses elegant demeanor to the acme. Its 4 series-Pashion, Costura, Glamour and Manuel Mota, deduced respectively different classical style, including hot lace gown, and the combination of the Chinese dress in recent years is exquisite, and innovation use of illusion gauze , also make the bride hazy and sexy.

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